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A Ravers Dream Day Out – Defqon.1 AUS 2011 Event Review

A Ravers Dream Day Out – Defqon.1 AUS 2011 Event Review

Update: Photo gallery is up now.

There exists a magical island where for a single day a ravers dreams can come true. Where along with almost 20000 others you can leave your worries behind, let loose and immerse yourself in the colours of the harder styles. The island is the Sydney International Regatta Centre and the day is Defqon.1 – Australia's premiere hard dance music festival.

Not long ago on the 17th September the ravers paradise came alive once again for a triumphant return in its third year here in Oz. As in previous years the events enormity, attention to detail and flawless execution doesn't fails to impress us. The result - Australia's biggest, greatest, hardest dance festival setting the new gold standard for all other Aussie dance festivals.

Continue reading for more photos and an overall roundup of the event.


Music was off-tap with a high standard of mixes all round, but the real stand out sets came from Wragg & Log:one, XDream vs Micky D, Endymion, Spellbound, TNT (Technoboy and Tuneboy) and The Prophet. Which were on the orange, black and red stages.

Hardcore and Gabber is something I always look out for at rave events and Defqon.1 definitely didn't disappoint. The black Hardcore stage was was bigger than in previous years and I absolutely loved it, I hope it continues to get even more prominence next year. Plus whilst they're at it I hope they have better venting as well, because this year the temperature was so intense in there, the it would get sweaty pretty quick.

The main focus of the event was the red stage - this year it was in the form of a massive castle. Covered in speakers and lighting, you could see and hear this beast of a stage from many km's away for sure. And as the sun went down, the real light show started - huge flame throwers started shooting flames into the air and arrays of powerful lasers shot out into the crowd.

Which all came to a climax at the end show – the last 15 minutes which was all out craziness. With everything from huge columns of steam, flamethrowers, a huge firework display and big pyrotechic explosions. A fittingly a huge pyrotechnic display to end an equally huge day - unquestionable awesomeness.


Overall a big thumbs up. There was wickedly hard music, beautiful people and a great atmosphere. If you didn't make it out this year, be sure to mark it on your calendar for 2012 as it's absolute must in any Aussie ravers schedule.

See you there next year!

Awesome photography by Alex Singleton @ Axl Imaging.

Posted 28 September 2011, in Music & Events

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