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Countdown For Launch, 3.2.1..

Countdown For Launch, 3.2.1..

In a little over 3 days, the first stages of the new Ravegear shop will go live. I thought I might take the opportunity to give a little preview of how things will be like and what's to come in the near future too.

Sneak Preview

Like I talked about in an earlier post Rave Shop Focus On Fundamentals, there will be a small range of products. This allows us to focus on picking high quality and innovative design from top rave brands around the world.

As for a little insight into just what it is we'll be offering, here's a look into the product categories & brands we'll be stocking at launch:

Product Categories

  • Light phat pants
  • Fluffies
  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Rave DVDs

Rave Brands

  • Pillfreak (AUS)
  • Amok (GER)
  • Adjamiba (UK)

This first stage of the Ravegear store launches on 4 August 2011 UTC. It'll be kind like of a pilot program getting us ready to the point where we have learned enough to release our own high-end Ravegear products.

Next Stage

It's pretty exciting times at the moment with Ravegear. I hope you'll tag along for the ride and work with us to change the face of the rave scene to something we can all love!

Posted 31 July 2011, in Updates


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