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Defqon.1 Artist Highlight: Psyko Punkz

Defqon.1 Artist Highlight: Psyko Punkz

Since their first release back in 2008, the Psyko Punkz have had a huge uprising. They've headlined nearly every hardstyle event in Europe, as well as parties in Asia, the US, and of course Australia. Over the last 12 months they have had the opportunity to produce a number of anthems including Q-BASE, Hard Bass, and the massive anthem for Qlimax last November ‘Fate or Fortune. They've also spent the last 3 years featuring in the DJ Mag Top 100, last year reaching number 67, and it was only announced last week that they will perform during the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) with their own showcase party.

The Psyko Punkz seem to be unstoppable, and this year they're back to bring their Psyko style to Defqon.1. Psyko Soldiers, be prepared!

Psyko Punkz Interview

You are no strangers to Defqon.1 in Australia, as this is your third time here for it. What is it that keeps you coming back?

One of the main reasons is the crowd. Every time we play at Defqon.1 in Australia, we get so much energy and love from you!

You’ve just released the single ‘Love This Life’ on Q-dance Records, featuring Murda, the vocalist from the hardstyle classic ‘Fuck The System’. What made you decide on him, and how was it to work with him?

We loved his vocal in FTS, that’s why we approached him. He came to the studio and he immediately started to freestyle. There was a really good energy between us. We also just release a preview of our second track we recorded with him ‘Trippy Hyppie’.

Psyko Punkz feat. Murda – Love This Life

Psyko Punkz feat. Murda – Trippy Hippie

Usually you use a lot of your own vocals. They’re always pretty bouncy, what do you aim for when writing a lyric?

We always try to aim for a catchy easy lyric - so everybody is able to sing along.

You already have a lot of releases/collaborations/remixes under your belt, any plan to take it one step further and do as a lot of your colleagues have done and produce a Psyko Punkz album?

Not at this stage. We prefer to release on a track-by-track basis, so that there is always a consistent flow of new music around the Psyko Punkz.

From when you started out in 2008 you have played absolutely everywhere at hundreds of parties, what have been some of the absolute highlights so far?

When we first started we couldn’t have dreamed we would fly all over the world to bring our energy and music, so everywhere we go is a highlight. The biggest highlights in our career were when we first played big stages like mainstage Defqon.1 Netherlands, Australia, and Qlimax. Also, when we first did a live show in the Blue area of Defqon.1. The most recent highlight was our show in Los Angeles, which was sold out!

Psyko Punkz @ Defqon.1 Australia 2012 Aftermovie:

What are some of the differences you've seen in how the crowd parties in each of the countries you played in?

Every country parties in their own way, but the love we get back wherever we go is exactly the same. We love our Psyko Foundation!

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Posted 20 August 2013, in Music & Events

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