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Defqon.1 White Stage Winner Announced

Defqon.1 White Stage Winner Announced

Expect to see kids in cyber goth / graver outfits at this years Defqon.1 because the white stage will be themed Hard Industrial Dance. Out of 5 worthy finalists in the Defqon.1 Drop Your Own Area competition, the official winner was Shallow Nation.

Keep reading for more info, the white stage lineup and a promo mix!

Industrial Dance is still very much a lesser known underground style of music in Australia, so it's great to see it getting some exposure at such a big event. Shallow Nation at white stage could turn out to be quite a hit.

White Stage Lineup

  • Shudder-X (NSW)
  • Opiate (NSW)
  • Pauly7 (NSW)
  • Requ13m (NSW)
  • Virul3nt (NSW)
  • Dasein (NSW)
  • Studio-X (SA)
  • Vaein (NSW)
  • MetaVirus (ACT)
  • Noveaux (NSW)

Promo Mix

Posted 30 August 2011, in Music & Events

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