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Free Music Friday #1

Free Music Friday #1

It's hard to find good music, let alone for free. So to help sort the prime tunes from le shite, I'll be showcasing the best underground electronic dance music by wicked awesome artists from around the world. All free of charge and totally legit, just for your listening pleasure!

To kick things off here's a tasty selection of Hard Dance with a scrumptious side of Hardstyle. Read on to get the links!

The Harder Dance The Harder Style Podcast

One of my favorite lesser known podcasts, run by Daniel Attalla a.k.a. DJ A-TraYn. Combining a good selection of Hard Dance & Hardstyle makes for yummy listening when your in the mood for a little something a bit harder.

Linkidge from the podcast RSS feed:

The Harder Dance The Harder Style 23

The Harder Dance The Harder Style 15

The Harder Dance The Harder Style 2

Mikey B - Overdose

For lovers of Hard Dance here are some episodes from Mikey B's Overdose radio show. Sadly it looks like he stopped producing the show, but the previous episodes are still avaliable for download.

Links, from his myspace page:

Overdose 8 (Feb 09)

Overdose 9 (Mar 09)

Overdose 10 (May 09)

Some of you might already know about this radio station, but if not your missing out! A popular online radio community playing out tunes from the harder styles. Choose your format from the top of the page.

Check out:

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Posted 18 March 2011, in Music & Events

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