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Free Music Friday #5

Free Music Friday #5

Bustin' for some sick tunes? We have mixs of every ravers favorite genres to get you hyped up and bouncing around your room! There's a bunch of particularly good DJ sets with Hard Dance, Hardstyle, Gabber, Hardcore and even a sprinkling of Happy Hardcore too.


DJ Tokoshy

This mad German dude has what it takes to rock your dark side with sets delivering some proper pumping Gabber and Hardcore. Perfect if your in the mood to really hammer down and crank out some real hard bass lines.

Downloads from

Tokoshy - Doomsday #03

Tokoshy - Doomsday #02

Design The Future Warmup Mixed By Tokoshy (2009)

DJ Apollis

DJ Apollis

A local here in Brisbane, Australia, who when he's not organising an upcoming rave event, he'll be busting out some rad mixes. Known for playing a diverse range of EDM genres, but particuarly awesome when it comes to the harder stuff.

Downloads from

Apollis - Dance Hard Vol.1 (july 2011)

Apollis - Hardcore Chronicles Phase 2 (july 2011) Live Set 3rd October

What did you think of the sets? Let us know in the comments!

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Posted 07 October 2011, in Music & Events

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