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Free Music Friday #7

Free Music Friday #7

Free Music Friday is back with more of our favourite music downloads we've found while surfing the interwebs. This time round we revisit some updates from RuffBeatz whom we've covered before and with Defqon.1 coming up in the Netherlands next month, we've also got some special Defqon.1 mixes too!

RuffBeatz Albums

Last time we spoke to the people at RuffBeatz they were only just getting started, but now they've already released a staggering 10 free albums and 2 free singles. Here's a selection of our favourites.

RuffBeatz 009 - Freeformatted Vol.1 (Freeform)

RuffBeatz 007 - Hardcore Recharge (Happy Hardcore)

RuffBeatz 006 - Hardbass Warfare (Dubstep)

RuffBeatz 005 - Audio Crysis (Happy Hardcore)

Defqon.1 Promo Mixes

Defqon.1 festival 2013 in the Netherlands is coming up mid next month and there's been a bunch of awesome promo mixes put up.

Promo Mix - Chillheid

Promo Mix - Frontliner

Promo Mix - Equinox

Promo Mix - Digital Overdose

Posted 17 May 2013, in Music & Events

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