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IQON Music Festival Not Coming Back In 2014

IQON Music Festival Not Coming Back In 2014

If you were a fan of the 2013 IQON festival you'll be bummed to know Q-dance has announced the festival will not be making a return this year. Other than the rain, last years event was awesome. It was definitely fun while it lasted!

Although it's a shame, I'm glad now they're fully focussed on Defqon.1. I hope to see some things from IQON incorporated into the Defqon.1 experience - especially IQON 2013's amazing digital screen.

You can read the full update at the Q-dance website, but here's the IQON info:

At Q-dance our aim is to grow, and maintain a healthy hard dance scene for generations to come. The future is bright and we are excited for what lies ahead. However it is with much regret to say IQON will not be returning in April 2014. In the coming year our concentrated focus will be on Defqon.1.

— Q-dance What To Expect For 2014

Why do you think IQON isn't being brought back in 2014?

Posted 21 January 2014, in Music & Events

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