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One-Of-A-Kind – Defqon.1 Australia 2013 Event Review

One-Of-A-Kind – Defqon.1 Australia 2013 Event Review

Unless you've been living under a rock, you would know that a few short weeks ago was Defqon.1 Australia 2013. In true Q-dance style it was an experience beyond any of my expectations. Massive stages, massive sounds, and one massive adventure; Defqon.1 really is a one-of-a-kind experience.

The annual pilgrimage to Australia’s leading hard dance music event was a huge success. Out of all the previous parties this one was the most enjoyable—the crew seemed to have put a lot of effort into organising things to run much more sleek, and the atmosphere by far surpassed previous years.

Raver junk armour with a gun

Hot Defqon1 promo girl handing out pamphlets

Almost clear blue skies and ideal temperature for a day of dancing hard made me all the more pumped for what was about to come.

First thing I noticed upon arrival at Penrith was that there were more buses this year to make transit to the party much quicker, more efficient and enjoyable. As usual all ticket holders were entitled to free trains and buses.

18000 festival goers made their way through the gates, even so entering through security and bag searches was fast. Security and gate staff were friendly which made for a wicked start to the day.

Defqon1 red stage giant robot

Orange stage scrap car

Green psy trance stage toasters washing machines

The best part of the event was the attention to detail put into the stages. Normally the Red stage gets all the love, but this year every one of the stages had a lot of effort put into it. Each stage was well presented with interesting décor, plenty of lighting, lasers, and exceptional sound throughout the day. I prefer the small stages getting attention too, it really made for an all-around more amazing experience.

From what I heard there were some mixed opinions about the Red stage, but personally I thought it was kinda cool. It did feel a little smaller, but it was still magical. A giant robot standing 24 meters tall and 48 meters wide which now holds the record for the worlds biggest robot ever built. At night there were fire twirlers which were great for extra eye candy.

MC ripping it up on stage

action shot dj fist pump

My absolute favourite set of the day was Endymion who obliterated the Black stage with his presence and outstandingly huge Dutch Hardcore choonz! His music kept everyone gabbering, stomping and bouncing for the entire 75 minutes.

Another heavy hitter was Electrocado, who by the end of the set had a fully packed Green stage. The duo played funky electro and glitch influenced psy trance tunes with everyone doofing out the entire time. I saw a lot of people walk in from outside attracted and confused by this strange sound, but staying for the whole set.

MC D Defqon1 mainstage

Also worth mentioning is MC D. I generally don't like MC’s as they talk over the best parts of songs, but MC D is the exception. He really gets the crowd pumping with lots of interaction and perfect timing. He got so into it I thought he was going to fall off main stage a few times!

Dj jesus pose with rainbow lazers

Sea of green lazers in the crowd

Red stage fireworks endshow

There’s nothing quite like a Defqon.1 end show and this year was no exception. I felt like there were even more fireworks than previous years. See for yourself in the video below. Also this year 5 of the smaller stages kept going after the endshow to help combat foot traffic congestion as the festival was coming to a close—awesome planning.

I’m eager to see what Q-dance has in store for us in the next instalment of Defqon.1 Festival Australia and IQON Festival 2014!

Happy security guard with hot ravers

Did you go? What did you think of Defqon.1 Australia 2013?

Posted 08 October 2013, in Music & Events

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