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Rave Shop Focus On Fundamentals

Rave Shop Focus On Fundamentals

Our rave clothing store is coming closer towards opening so I'll give you guys a heads up of what you can expect.

We'll be opening with a small range of products, this way we can make sure we pull off this first bunch of stuff really well. Our top priority has been finding the very best; high quality, comfortable, innovative & interesting designs. And so the store will focus is on the fundamentals of rave clothing including phat pants, fluffies, tops, hoodies & more.

Hope you're as excited about all this as we are! Follow along with future posts as I reveal more details.

Posted 03 February 2011, in Updates

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I work hard, I play hard. I'm into rave culture, especially rave fashion and epic parties. I <3 hard dance, phat pants, and gummy bears.


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