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RAVEGEAR Sale – 20% Off All Pillfreak Products!

RAVEGEAR Sale – 20% Off All Pillfreak Products!

This is our first ever RAVEGEAR sale, so we're making it a big one - for a limited time, get 20% off all Pillfreak products! We carry the full range of Pillfreak gear including Pillfreak Hotpants, Pillfreak Shirts even, the very popular Pillfreak Hoodies which are perfect in time for the winter season!

There's a lot of rave events coming up so this is a perfect opportunity to get some awesome priced Pillfreak gear to get your rave on! Here's some ideas:

Sale Pillfreak Hot Products Pillfreak Original Trucker Cap Girls Pillfreak T-Shirt Original Pillfreak Global Retro Jacket Limited Edition Pillfreak Hotpants Pillfreak Covert Flat Brim Cap Contagious Slash Fluffies Mens Pillfreak Original Singlet Mens Pillfreak Original Hoodie Pillfreak Sweatband

  1. Pillfreak Original Trucker Cap – Black with white panel
  2. Girls Pillfreak T-Shirt Original – Black
  3. Pillfreak Hotpants – Aqua
  4. Contagious Slash Fluffies (not on sale) – Black with turquoise slash
  5. Pillfreak Global Retro Jacket *Limited Edition* – Royal blue
  6. Pillfreak Covert Flat Brim Cap – White
  7. Mens Pillfreak Original Singlet – Black with red piping
  8. Mens Pillfreak Original Hoodie – Zippered version
  9. Pillfreak Sweatband – Black

Pillfreak is one of my all time favorite rave brands. It's been integral to the Australian rave scene and at RAVEGEAR we definitely want to help push the Pillfreak brand forward to show the rave world what Australia has to offer!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Terms of the sale:

  • 20% off Pillfreak brand products only
  • Not valid with any other offers
  • Ends Friday April 20th 2012

Posted 13 April 2012, in Updates

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