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RAVEGEAR Site & Shop Refresh

RAVEGEAR Site & Shop Refresh

Did you notice something different with out website? We've completely refreshed everything! We put a lot of effort into trying to make the site much more simple, easier to use and focus on the shopping experience. I hope you find it easy to look through site and find the perfect outfit for your next rave.

We've also removed a heap of products that didn't quite fit right, especially those shipped from overseas that had long shipping times. Which means now all our products ship from within Australia and have faster shipping. Nice!

As always we're keen to hear your feedback, contact us or comment here.

Posted 28 April 2014, in Updates

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I work hard, I play hard. I'm into rave culture, especially rave fashion and epic parties. I <3 hard dance, phat pants, and gummy bears.


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