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RuffBeatz First Free Release - Download Free Beats

RuffBeatz First Free Release - Download Free Beats

RuffBeatz Records recently released their first ever album; a double compilation featuring the sounds of S3RL, PsySpam, Erofex, DJ Triex and more. Best thing is it's completely free to download and licensed in a way that gives everone the freedom to distribute & remix it. I've had a good listen through and really liked it. Enough variety to keep even the people with the shortest attention span happy.

Keep reading for the download link and an interview with the founder of RuffBeatz.

    Download from!

    Interview With RuffBeatz

    To mark the launch of the album, we had a quick chat to Alex, the founder of RuffBeatz Records. Although he's a relative new comer to the underground dance music scene, he's quickly gaining momentum making him definitely someone to watch out for.

    Ravegear: Hi Alex, why the name RuffBeatz?

    Alex: Originally when I was brainstorming ideas for the name, I asked a few friends and it was actually S3RL who came up with 'ruffbeatz', which sounded perfect for what we wanted to do, so it ended up sticking.

    Ravegear: What inspired this project & why give it away free?

    Alex: Mainly to help promote new artists and really get the names out there. It's a fun way to get awesome music out for free, especially since most people pirate music anyway *angry face*, why not bring it to them legally, for free.

    Ravegear: How many album downloads so far?

    Alex: Last time I checked, it was 10 000 something, so by now it should be well over 11 000. Way more than I originally expected, especially since I only just launched the site — 11 000 downloads x 330MB over 2 months, means a massive 3.5TB of data transferred.

    Ravegear: Thats pretty nuts! What can we expect next from RuffBeatz?

    Alex: The second release will be a Hardstyle going into Hardcore. Plans for the third release are a Trance to Happy/UK Hardcore type release & a cool project for number four with all Psy Trance. All of them for free of course!

    Ravegear: Any secrets you want to share about what artists will be featured on the next one?

    Alex: We shall has Angerfist, Tiesto, Lady Gaga and more... *cough* But seriously, I'm still working on it, so it's going to be kept a secret for now ;)

    Ravegear: How about any paid releases in future?

    Alex: Yeah, we'll have some paid releases for sure. Plans are for a CD release sometime this year. We've gone over some of the details with some big name Japanese artists, which works out well with our plans of selling it in Japan as well as online.

    Ravegear: Sounds good. Our team wish you luck with the next release, we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it. Hope to see you around here soon, thanks Alex!

    Alex: No prob, thanks!

    Posted 27 June 2010, in Music & Events

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